Lots of couples are choosing to have their engagement session done in a studio. The appeal is found through the flexibility, privacy, and creative freedom that studios provide. Let's break down these three big factors + figure out a studio engagement session is right for you!

NUMBER ONE: Flexibility

When shooting indoors you remove the concern for poor weather impacting your session. No matter the time of year you will have consistency indoors. This flexibility works particularly well for those who want to have photos done in the winter months but don't necessarily love the idea of freezing their toes off.

Lots of couples have found this to be helpful when planning their outfits specifically. If we are shooting inside you don't need to worry about being cold in your cute dress or getting your favorite shoes muddy from the rain. Chloe + Cole were able to wear their adorable outfits despite the rain, cold, and mud that was going on outside during their session.


Getting your photo taken can be uncomfortable at times but knowing that their isn't an audience during your session can really help calm your nerves. For those couples who are a bit more private with their relationship, a studio is a perfect option. Privacy allows you to relax and play around with your significant other more. Chloe + Cole were really able to take advantage of the privacy and loosen up for their photos. We were listening to music, laughing, and dancing around--which, in my opinion, makes for the best photos.

NUMBER THREE: Creative Freedom

Lastly, studios provide creative freedom! Chloe is a photographer herself and wanted to include different shooting styles, textures, and tones throughout their session. While we were working in Be Changed Studio, we played around with their backdrop and fabrics to create this textured background. Plus, this kind of set-up is one of the more basic creative touches you can add to your session. You also have the option to bring food, drinks, confetti poppers, multiple outfits, etc.

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(Here are few more of my favorite shots from this studio engagement session)

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